Swivel turn tables - turn your cabin seats around

With the seats being able to swivel around you can incorporate the driver cabin space into you RV layout.

Makes layouts possible where table can be set up between driver and passenger single seat or using table folds up in entry area. Makes complete new layout options possible and gains lots of extra space.
As they are none universal and are designed for the manufacturer original seats- they are fairly easy to install in general, especially the passenger sides.

For driver side you may need to a hand brake lowering adapter and / or may need to later the plastic cover of your hand brake .

installation videos

Below is a collection of a few installation video as for several swivel seats. Note: some of this videos are from countries where vehicle are left hand drive, also not for all vans you can find installation videos, but the general steps are very, very similar:

Mercedes Sprinter installation

 RIB installation in VW T5 / T6

Do I need a off centre swivel ?

Double bench seat SWIVEL base installation  by Kiravan

Kiravans Double Seat swivel base Operation and maintenance

Is it easy to install a swivel turn table?

In general speaking: the passenger swivels are fairly easy to install and are straight forward to fit. In more modern vans there might be some wiring in the way, or a aux battery  under the seat base to take care of and also we advise always to disconnect the starter battery before starting the installation. Another common "side effect"  is that in some  vehicle models such as VW Transporter / Multivan the rear plastic cover of the seat base would need to e permanent removed or the top altered to allow the turn table to swivel around.

Driver side swivels are often a more complicated and requires advanced skills, as regular the hand brake is in the way and further modifications and a higher level of skills is required. Keep in mind that the hand brake (when adapter or lowering kit is used) needs to be checked and re adjusted!

If in doubt or not feeling comfortable- we suggest to get the swivel fit by a auto mechanic or Camper / Caravan repairer.
For Brisbane and SE QLD customer our work shop can offer fitting service at extra cost. We can also arrange mod plates.

More weight & height?

2x yes!
As the swivels have to be strong and durable each has a weight of 11-19kg depending on brand and vehicle model. Make sure you check GVM and weight, especially in case of a DIY build- every kg counts!

While the swivels are all classed as low profile versions- they still  at extra height to your seat. In most case you will raise the seating level by 38-48mm.

For some vehicles they are lower seat bases around to compensate for the height of the turn table.

What means ADR approval and TUEV?

ALL seat swivels which are listed in our webshop are produced by world non manufacturers such as FASP, Sportcraft and RIB SCOPEMA. 

ALL seat swivels which are listed in our webshop are tested to highest safety standards - which is the GERMAN TUEV. They are crash and / or load and pull tested. Some seats are also recognized by the vehicle manufacturers self ie Volkswagen (LONO) - letters of no objection.

ADR stands for "Australian Design Rules" and many after  market products in the vehicle industry are tested to this standards. This means that the products is tested and safe to be used by Australian standards. However, ADR APROVALS are somewhat not always common when its coming to swivel seats, as this tests in Australia are usually are expensive and some vehicles accessories are low volume sales in Australia.

Are retro fit turn tables legal?

Whether the purchased swivel turn table is TUEV or ADR approved-  after installed they either way shall get certified!
We highly recommend seeing an engineer to get modification plates and / or engineer certificates  issued for your own peace of mind at extra cost.

Please contact your local engineer for costs , the can vary from state to state between $250-850 AUD. 

For DIY builder: often this  certificate can be combined with LH11 motorhome class modification plates / certificates to safe money.

If required we can release test result, diagrams and drawings to your engineer direct- please email us in this instance and supply your order number and the direct contact details of your engineer.