Airvents- Great extra airflow for your van

AIR VENTS:  Getting more air flow inside your vehicles while staying safe and secure is a challenge, but now a range of innovative cab and sliding window vents designed and manufactured in Germany are available.

Solid, durable and finished to high standard, they come complete with internal insect screening and are powder coated. The can also be used in conjunction with most external wind shields.

This is a real easy way to secure the vehicle, while still getting more air flow inside. The vents are designed in a louvre style- so even when its slightly raining- no water can come inside. On the inside of the vents is a fly & bug screen to keep the insects out. Ideal for night time or when van is parked unattended and certainly for people who travel with their 4 legged friends and small kids- they can wait safer inside when you are away!

RV AIRvents are manufactured to highest standards and with latest technologies in Germany and we are proud that we have been able to get Australian and NZ distributions rights for this innovative and pretty much "MUST HAVE" product when its coming to gain better AIR and temperature control for vehicles.

Is it easy to fit this window louvres to my van?

Most of the AIRvents are very easy and super quick to fit. It is useful to hold the AIRvents  fair diagonal when inserting into the glass grove on your door before straighten them up horizontal and pushing them into the top position.
See below some sample videos.
Newer vehicle have often electric windows, you may need a couple of minutes to train yourself to  very slowly operate your windows up and down. Once you learned this "trick"- it will be easy to fit your AIRvents in a couple of seconds.

Below are some fitting and how to install videos:

Are RV Airvents safe while driving?

All AIRvents are designed to stay secure and safe in place when the vehicle is parked and not moving.

Due to fact that driver cabin AIRvents reducing the drivers view in traffic-  AIRvents are NOT designed and recommended at all to use while vehicle is in motion!
The rear sliding door, rear cargo AiRvents could be kept installed while driving, however the driving noise is very similar to driving with a open window and the louvres can create a pitch driving noise.

Can AIRvents damage my tinted windows?

All AIrvents have at the bottom a  powder coated, aluminium slot which will slip over the top of your window by around 15-25mm. This is to make them secure, so they can not be easy pushed in to prevent break ins and theft.
Depending on the quality, thickness and material of your "tinted" windows , the Airvents may cause signs like minor scratches or rubs in the upper edge of your "tinted: window. This area is when the AIrevnst are removed ad the windows are in closed position not visible.

Can I use AIRvents in conjunction with window insulation?

If you wish to use standard sun screen, thermal insulation shades for driver cabin windows in conjunction with the AIRvents one simple method is to just leave on of the suction cups "unattached" (see picture).

For our SOLARscreen Australian Made premium range you also have the option to order the SOLARscreens with a extra pair of suction cups. In this case you can roll the upper part of the SOLARscreen in and hold in place or leave them flapping down below the AIRvents.  Worthwhile to consider the extra suction cups when your considering purchasing both items at the same time or you already have AIRvents and like to  get some SOlarscreens now.

I can not fiT my AIRvents- they are somehow too wide!?

For some vans such as Sprinters and AIRvents the AIRvents sit very tight in place....


When you hold the AIRvents in your hand towards the window, you might think that they will not fit as they are  looking to be too wide and wider as the glass you see.

Keep in mind that the AIRvents run and stay in the same groves as your glass window! SO "behind" the scene, your glass is much larger as what you can see.

Do fit the AIRvents appropriate you have to make sure:

  • wind the window all the way down
  • hold the AIRvents very diagonal
  • now straight the AIRvents up and make sure that they insert into the  window framing and sit in the same groove where you glass runs in
  • now, push the airvents all the way up
  • next get your window up until approx 1 cm below the AIRvent bottom
  • push the airvent now onto the top of the window glass
  •  wind up the last remaing 1-2cm to "lock" AIRvent into space
  • all done!

I can not find AIRvents listed for my vAN or 4WD! Can you help?

All our AIRvents are manufactured in Germany- so you will find  a wide range of vans and some 4x4's which are on the market in Europe.
Airvents have NOT been developed for majority of Asian and Chinese vans. So if you do not see a AIRvents listed in  your vehicle category-: this means they have been not developed and we unfortunate can not help.
Airvents are for leisure and out door vehicles- they are not available for  sedans, coupes or other small cars.

Can I order custom made AIRvents?

Unfortunate NO! The cost of a custom version would be far to expensive and time intense.

RV  AIRvents Motorhome Magazine review

Product review


The Australian Motorhome Magazine IMOTORHOME reviewed our AIRvents in Issue 91 for hands on experience for their Apollo Motorhome "Project Polly".


" this stage anything to provide a degree of flow-throw ventilation when parked is worth trying."


"... the result is a set of theft and insect proof ventilation louvres that will also keep the rain out."


The full articles can be downloaded for free  under the back issue section of the Imotorhome website. Its for free!