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Shopping with us offers:

  • quality and tested products - we use the products we are selling too!
  • vehicle specific items and selected product range
  • items designed and made by reputable manufacturers
  • VANtastic's own designed and made to order products
  • PICKUP of orders welcome - SAFE on postage cost! *
  • delivery to EVERYWHERE in Australia incl NT & Tasmania
  • delivery to other countries such as NZ, USA & UK
  • test reviews, hands on articles and "How to..." help


* therefore we do not offer free shipping- to reflect real product pricing without freight mark up



installation skill levels

Some of our products do involve installation work to be carried out. We have carefully considered to our best knowledge, what type of  skills you need for the different products and have therefore "marked" them with a indication how easy or more difficult they are to be fitted.


This will be a easy fit and we believe that everyone who is going camping and travelling will have the products easy and swifty fitted to his vehicle.  Usually you do not need any tools for fitting or just very basic tools ie a screw driver, hammer or similar. This requires few, if any, skills.

This will be easy enough for the little bit more advanced beginner. You feel comfortable to follow a installation guide and you own some basic tools. The installation requires at most 1-2 hours and can be carried out with basic tools. .

You should be a handy person to do the installation! May you need to remove some vehicle panels or you have done some small DIY work on your vehicle before where have gained experience. You own a tools box and have some technical understanding. This installation will take a bit longer.

You are a DIY camper builder and know you can tackle a Pro level! You feel ie comfortable to cut holes in your vehicle, can read professional installation guides and follow and you have plenty of tools and good technical understanding. This installation will take maybe even a day or longer.

international orders

For all international buyers- please note that our products will be sold without the 10% GST (goods and service tax), as this orders will be a EXPORT from Australia. We do NOT collect GST/ VAT or custom duties in behalf of your home country customs.

Most international buyers shall be aware that when this goods and products are imported into their home country this items may be subject to import duty often between 2.5-5%. Import duties are calculated on the Customs value of the goods. Additional charged are also the GST / VAT which vary in each country but often are between 10-20%.

Some countries allow a duty free shipments/ purchase and import ie value up to $500 or $1000 thresholds.


Please check PRIOR your purchase with your local Customs on their government websites to avoid any disappointment on import cost.

For our most frequent buyers from USA, Canada, New Zealand and UK, here are some useful links:


NEW ZEALAND: https://www.customs.govt.nz/personal/send-and-receive-items/receive-items-from-overseas/

USA / United States: https://www.cbp.gov/trade/basic-import-export/internet-purchases

Canada:  https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/import/courier/menu-eng.html

UK: https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad/tax-and-duty

Do you also have a workshop or offer repairs or installation?

VANtasticRVparts is part of Southern Spirit Campervans Pty Ltd in Brisbane / Australia.

At Southern Spirit we offer installation of products, pop top and Euro style Reimo  roof conversions, seat and other part or full conversions.

You can visit our website www.sscampervans.com for further informations.

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