Omnia stovetop oven

The Omnia is worldwide one of the most beloved accessories for travellers who  like to create delicious meals while travelling.

The portable oven is compact, light-weight, easy to use and gives you finally a solution to bake your favourite recipes in even the smallest campervan.

Welcome to the world of Omnia!

Omnia quick FAQ

What type of stove do I need to use my Omnia?

Every stove which as a open flame is ideal such as LPG, butan or metho / alcohol stoves. You can even use a Trangia cooker or a electric burner.
The Omnia will only NOT work on a induction hob!

how does the omnia oven work?

The Omnia clever design results in a baking method where you bake with bottom and top heat- just like in a convection oven.

This means you can create food up-road now- just like everything you bake at home.

Where can I find yummy recipes for my Omnia?

When your purchase your Omnia- the delivery includes  a little booklet with a handful of recipes to get you started.

In addition, while you do not need "special Omnia recipes"  there are many delicious ideas around- to get you inspired check some out here at the Omnia Sweden website Omnia recipes & hints

There is also a Omnia Lovers Facebook Group which you can join "Omnia stovetop cooking"


Do I need additional accessories or only the Omnia oven self?

Start baking: you only need the Omnia oven self. But: to be more versatile, creating a larger variation of  meals or just to the fact  to keep your cleaning duties on the Omnia to a minium... some accessories are just nice to have.

Where can I buy my Omnia oven in Australia and are you sending overseas?

You can either order online and getting your Omnia and accessories posted, we certainly also offer direct pick up here in Kippa-Ring / QLD.
See all Omnia products in our online shop available.

We also offer  deliveries overseas to New Zealand, Canada, USA, Japan and many more countries.