fly screens for side and rear doors

Most popular extra!
To keep all the bugs, mossies, midge and creepy crawlers outside-no campervan and B-class build in motorhome should  lack this feature. The screens are practical, saving on insect repellent and a durable solution for a better travelling experience.

VANtastic insect screen for vans


Price from $219.00

Our best seller are available for sliding doors and rear barn doors, coming as 2 or 3 zipper versions.
The installed screens have a permanent installed part on each side and the top, while the screens self can be either rolled up OR taken out and being stored away in off season.

  • Bugs, Mossie & midge proof
  • huge range with small and large opening for nearly all vehicle brands and models
  • screen can be opened from inside AND outside
  • sturdy zips with large heavy duty, outdoor double sliders YKK brand NO 10
    zips can not rust
  • loop & hook original VELCRO to hold rolled up door up
  • heavy duty PVC coated Polyester mesh UV stabilized in 170gsm grade, made in Japan
  • with installation step by step instruction guide and installation accessories
  • DIY - self installation product
  • Made in Australia  by Southern Spirit Campervans
  • 100% satisfaction warranty
  • installation service at our work shop in Brisbane available from $100 by appointment

What tools do I need for the fly screen installation?

We ship the screens with a installation guide and some pinch weld clips.

The only tools you need for installation are:

  • a pencil or marker
  • (rubber) hammer
  • Stanley cutting knife or scalpel 
  • some masking tape
  • a couple of office bull dogs clips may become handy

Can I fit the fly screens really by myself?

From over 10 years experience, selling our fly screens world wide and with over 1000 of them posted out to customers, we can report that less then  2% of our customers did need professional help with the fitting.

We supply a step by step installation guide to help you through and usually in 60-90 minutes your screen will be "on".

Especially all commercial vans and rear openings (tailgate/ lift up) do NOT require a huge DIY skill level and are easy and quick to fit.

However, sliding doors are a slight bit more advanced to fit- so if you order both- start with the installation of the rear fly screen first to gain some experience.

For all people movers: you should be more of a handy person, as you may need to uninstall and re install some of the internal vehicle covers/ trims or loosen them during the installation such as entry steps, B- pillar covers etc.

To give you a guideline how "easy or hard" they are to fit, we have invented our skill level indicator- please check on each fly screen listing or check out our SKILL LEVELS for DIY installers in our FAQ's. If still in doubt, feel free to send us a email.


Do you have screens for major manufacturer models?

We do have for following Campervan and Motorhome models fly screen dimensions on file, so you can opt for a specific screen:

  • Apollo Tourer (ex rental) Ford Transit 2007-2013 sliding door and rear two single beds
  • Apollo Tourer (ex rental) VW Crafter or Mercedes Sprinter 2007-2018 sliding door and rear
  • Britz / Maui Elite / Dreamseeker (ex rental) VW Crafter or Mercedes Sprinter 2008-2018 sliding door (no cabinet behind passenger seat and rear (rear as U shape lounge/ bed with rear panel as backrest, we recommend a 2/3 screen with bottom Velcro
  • Britz/ Maui ex rental Mercedes Sprinter/ VW Crafter with cabinet behind passenger seat and two single beds at the rear
  • Maui/Kea 2+1 3 seater ex rental sliding door and rear
  • Britz- OLD model Elite Mercedes Sprinter before 2006- we can offer the sliding door only
  • Kea 2006-2010 Ford Transit compact 2 berth sliding door needs a 3 zipper version, rear we recommend a  full sized screen
  • Avan Applause Fiat Ducato with bed across (east/west sleeping) we recommend a 2/3 screen with bottom Velcro
  • Jayco Mercedes Sprinter 2018 onwards MS22
  • Jayco Fiat Ducato 2018 onwards FD18
  • Jayco Freedom, Toyota Hiace from 2016-2019
  • Frontline Adventure Toyota Hiace / VW Transporter we offer tailgate screens, IF you have a swing out stove behind the passenger seat we can NOT offer a sliding door fly screen
  • Frontline Pioneer Toyota Hiace / VW Transporter (from 2006 onwards) we recommend for sliding door a 3 zipper version, if you do NOT enter / exist usually from the rear: we recommend a wide opening tailgate fly screen

Do I have to screw or glue inside my beloved camper?

No, you don't!
Our unique design does not rely on the need that you have to screw anything such as press studs into your van panels and trims.

With over 10 years of trails & experience with fly screens, we also believe that especially in hot climates such Australia the often in Europe used removable  fly screen which attach with adhesive Velcro are not the best solution. The adhesive Velcro straps often peel of after a very short time if the vehicles getting hot inside.
Also not everyone wants to glue magnets inside and onto the plastic trims to make a magnet featured fly screen work.

If you have have to or wish to remove your fly screens- they leave no trace once uninstalled!

Can I remove the fly screens and fit them again as often as I wish?

All our Australian Made fly screens are designed to be "fit once" and keep them installed until you wish to remove them permanently.

Australian weather has so many months, weather zones and landscapes where all year around at least some flying insects would be attracted to fly inside a vehicle to pester us travellers.
Also fly screens DO add the feeling of privacy and adding some protection for the furnitures to be not fully exposed to direct sun when doors are open.

If the screens are not in need- they either can be rolled up and secured with their Velcro loops OR you can take the middle section between the zips completely off if you wish or you discover a longer insect "off season".

When should I buy a more expensive 3 zipper fly screen?

Many Campervans and Motorhomes have furnitures protruding into the sliding door areas.
This can be ie a kitchen cabinet or seats, some of this furnitures even have a table which can fold to the outside of the van when the door is open, or a seat/ bench has a door which opens to the outside when vehicle door is open.

In this above samples, a 3 zip version screen is most likely a good idea. It helps to reach from inside 2 out of the 3 zips for opening and closing. The 3th zip is then operated from the outside only to give access to doors and tables OR to have the steam and fat of cooking to escape easy to outside and not catching into the screen.


If your cooker/ stove is in the protruding part of cabinetry  in the sliding door area, we recommend definite a 3 zip version.

If a small off centre opening is your choice- make sure to measure the free non obstructed distance, subtract approx 5cm (2 inches) and then choose or order a  appropriate 2 zipper screen to make sure that you can reach both zips when you are inside your van.

Why do (near) all of  your screens have zips instead magnets?

YKK zips are durable, the last for long time, being UV stable AND most important they do not leave any insects through!
Their only "Con" is: yes, you need 2 hands and you  have to bend down to open/ close the zips.
"Pro's" are obvious many and a great benefit is, that the roll up section in the middle between the zips can be easy removed in  mossie "off season" and can be stored away ie in a drawer or bag.

You may have seen screens where you can "just" walk through because the have magnets which keeping the 2 parts of fly mesh closed.

We discovered that magnetized rubber seals are NOT UV stable and will become bridle over time- the magnet rubber can loose the catching benefit,  pieces of the rubber either fall off or break.
Screens with sewn in pockets in the hem (each pocket has a magnet inside) are very good, but the distance between each pocket can easy become a inviting gap for insects to enter into the inside of your van. Magnets are great products, but good magnets are very expensive and it would need a LOT of magnets to reduce the amount of gaps.
However, in some scenarios ie people movers such as Mercedes Viano. VW Multivan and similar- a every day removable  insect screens  might be a perfect solution if the vehicle is only used a few days during the year as a camper.

Are your fly screens complete sealed?

in short: NO, the bottom of each screen is not "sealed".

Our fly screens are the best way of sealing the van as good as possible, BUT the nature of the beast is that every sliding door on a van has a bottom holding bracket/ arm which runs along when the door is opened or closed. So, this arm has to move free and a fully sealed at the bottom fly screen would prevent this and the door could not be closed any more.

Our Australian Made fly screens have at the bottom a larger hem at the bottom which is open at the sides. If required and your van has exposed metal area  you could fit a few magnets OR you could fit a weight chain inside the hem to have the screen more bottom heavy. We can also on special request sew a Velcro loop to the inside of the bottom hem and you can install some hook Velcro on your van. Bare in mind: the Velcro can then make the opening of the entry a bit more tricky- as its maybe to well sealed!
A inner, bottom hem Velcro is especially great for 1/2 or 2/3 screens in at the rear doors / tailgate where a bed is running across and the opposite Velcro can be easy and proper fixed to a bed frame or board.

What are the differences between standard and true midge proof flyscreens?

We sell our "standard"  mesh fly screens since over 8 years no and had literally zero complains about that midges or no-See-um tiny insect make their way inside. However since 2019 we also offer true midge proof rated fly screen- particular for people who wish to getting a even finer woven mesh or might be allergic to Ceratopogonidae  and would be concerned about the standard version.
Consider the "trade off" when opting for a true midge mesh version- the ultra fine mesh will block out more daylight and also will block most of fresh air to enter into your van, so you  getting  much lesser air flow in result.

99% of our customer opting therefore for the standard screens for their vans.

What if you do not list my vehicle? Can I get a complete custom screen done?

In case you can not find in our standard range of screens what you need, we are happy to see if we can help.

Unfortunate for some vehicles due to their door design and function such as Renault Trafic, Renault Master or some Iveco Daily models- we do not have at the moment a suitable fly screen solution.

We can also quote for complete customized screens to suit specific layouts and needs- please contact us via our CONTACT FORM.

We will contact you and most likely will require some pictures of your (door) opening and will advise which measurements we need from you.

In case we can offer a solution, we will give you a firm quote.

In the past we have done fly screens and protections for  tear drop doors, out door trailer doors and much more- give it a try and contact us!